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Associates Denture is your go-to denturist in Central Alberta, offering a range of comprehensive denture services at affordable prices.


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Welcome to Associates Denture. We have been providing denture services in Red Deer, Alberta for over 20 years. We offer services for complete and partial dentures, including fixed, implant-supported, implant-retained, standard acrylic, cast frame, precision attachment, semi-precision attachment, gold teeth, diamond insert, and more. We also provide one-day service on repairs, relines and adjustments.

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At Associates Denture in Red Deer, our denturists help you keep smiling. We work with a variety of dentures such as implant dentures, fixed dentures, standard dentures, premium equilibrated aesthetic dentures, and cosmetic dentures. We work with all of our patients to make sure that their dentures not only look good but also feel good. With a team of experienced professionals, we offer personalized and comprehensive denture services in a warm atmosphere, designed for our patients’ utmost comfort.

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Family owned and operated


Associates Denture is a family owned and operated clinic. Based in Red Deer, we cater to clients all across Central Alberta.

Free estimates


Associates Denture in Red Deer Alberta offer free estimates on all of our services. Just give a call and we will resolve any queries that you may have regarding the pricing of our dentures.

Walk-ins are welcome


We provide same day appointments to our clients. You can directly visit us and book an appointment there itself.

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